Junior low grade grading

Pass, Merit or Distinction?

Every 3 months we have gradings for our students. This is basically a karate exam where the students have to perform our Zen-Shin syllabus to the examiners. At the beginning of the grading Sensei asked all of his students “what grade do you want, pass, merit or distinction?”. With smirks on their faces the children had clearly made their mind up on what they wanted to achieve, and this was seen in how hard they worked.

Here are a few shots of our Juniors with their shiny new belts they are sporting proudly.

Excited Mere Green Peewees

DSC_0660Well done everyone! Hard work pays off, keep up the good work.


1 thought on “Pass, Merit or Distinction?”

  1. Great to see their little faces. Even better to know they are with a club that they have to attain a certain level and don’t just get a belt for showing up like some other clubs. I know how hard it is I’ve twice failed my pre grading for my purple and white , but that’s cool because it’s the standard I want to arttain not just the belt. When I do get it I know ill deserve it. So all those little faces remember that, you got that belt because you are really that good. Good luck all of you in your
    Karate Careers maybe one day with a lot of work and dedication you may be a Kyo-shi too !!!

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