It’s time to evolve our martial art practice. This is why Abian originally came up with ‘Moving Zen’. He wanted a way to explore diverse fields of movement using his knowledge of martial arts to guide him.

Getting outside of the dojo can bring about whole new perspectives on how we interact with the world around us. Using muscles we don’t usally use to climb tress, or dodging low branches as we pace past tree trunks, and even getting accustomed to the frosty grass fields are all examples of things we don’t encounter in the dojo.

Moving Zen is about our connection with nature, and the utilisation of our ‘Zen Mind’ to do with we intuitively do. That is… MOVE!

Now, with the help of his brother (Jumoke), they want to share it with the Zen-Shin community. To learn from one another to improve our karate, and ourselves.




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