February Inter Club Competition 2017

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The Zen-Shin Inter-Club Competition has been a tradition running within the association for over a decade. This year Zen-Shin Studios hosted our first competition of 2017 with great success. Sensei always encourages his students to take part in the competitions as he has experienced how this helps students to focus on improving their standard for themselves, and can even help inspire them by watching higher grades.

Our inter-club competition is special because it brings people together and strengthens our ‘Zen-Shin family’. Friendly competition, good sportsman ship and a few tears always make for an eventful day.

This year we exclusively used our beautifully crafted Zen-Shin Medals. Over 80 students competed in 21 different categories for 63 medals. We also held two Kickboxing fights using WKA K1 rules hosted by Sensei Abian.

Congratulations to everyone that took part. Competitions are a great time to reflect on your own ability and your future in practicing Karate. For those that came away without a medal this year, remember that it is those who work hard consistently who are victorious. Focus how you can improve yourself, rather than how good the competition is.

Erdington club scored the most points overall, with Mere Green in second then Soho Hill in third. Well done to the clubs and competitors.


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