February Inter Club Competition 2017

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The Zen-Shin Inter-Club Competition has been a tradition running within the association for over a decade. This year Zen-Shin Studios hosted our first competition of 2017 with great success. Sensei always encourages his students to take part in the competitions as he has experienced how this helps students to focus on improving their standard for themselves, and can even help inspire them by watching higher grades.

Our inter-club competition is special because it brings people together and strengthens our ‘Zen-Shin family’. Friendly competition, good sportsman ship and a few tears always make for an eventful day.

This year we exclusively used our beautifully crafted Zen-Shin Medals. Over 80 students competed in 21 different categories for 63 medals. We also held two Kickboxing fights using WKA K1 rules hosted by Sensei Abian.

Congratulations to everyone that took part. Competitions are a great time to reflect on your own ability and your future in practicing Karate. For those that came away without a medal this year, remember that it is those who work hard consistently who are victorious. Focus how you can improve yourself, rather than how good the competition is.

Erdington club scored the most points overall, with Mere Green in second then Soho Hill in third. Well done to the clubs and competitors.

Respira pilates at Zen-Shin Studios

Its a new term for Respira pilates at Zen-Shin Studios. Ruth is back with a new course designed for beginners: 18:30-19:30 starting Wednesday 1st March.

The six-week course is designed to give you an experience of what pilates can do for you. Teaching you the foundation of pilates’ rehabilitative movements to improve mobility and strength.

Practitioners can expect a relaxed and intimate environment. Our qualified instructor will use core strengthening exercises, body alignment poses and lengthening postures to build your mind-body connection.


For enquiries please call: 07976401214

or email: enquiries@zen-shin.co.uk

Sensei Abian had an afternoon with Ruth to experience some pilates for the first time. Check our video to see how he got on.

Moving Zen Two

Moving Zen has been gaining momentum this year under the guidance of Sensei Abian and Jumoke. What started out as a new year workout in the park has progressed into so much more.

Moving Zen has been free to all Zen-Shin members so far, because Abian and Jumoke wanted to give back to the Zen-Shin community. They want to help those who usually study one martial art to expand their perception of how they can interact differently with themselves and the world around them.

Well done everyone that turned up to work hard with us.

Check out our video to see what we got up to.


Abian & Jumoke

Devon Training Camp: are you in?

devon 17 poster.png

It’s not too late to book in for this year’s Zen-Shin Training Camp. Get in touch for more information so you don’t miss out on what promises to be a weekend to remember!

Our annual club trip to Devon is well-established, in fact it has been running for the past 30 years! If you haven’t been before and want an insight into the itinerary (or if you have and want to remind yourself of good times) then the following video is an account of ‘Devon 2016’. Enjoy!

 DISCLAIMER: sunshine not guaranteed (we’re still in England after all…)
Sensei Abian oss

The New 7th Edition Syllabus


front-slyabus-finalZen-Shin Martial Arts Association has a long history of producing our own Karate syllabus for our students. They act as a companion to the karateka, and will take the novice white belt to an experienced black belt.


Over the years the style of the syllabus has changed, whilst the content remained largely the same. We feel our next generation of syllabus has really improved ease of use and function. Each belt has its own page allowing more room to fit all the combinations on. We are now printing in colour which really improves the way we read and interact with our syllabus.

We understand getting into a new hobby, undertaken in a different language can be daunting, so we kept parents and novices in mind when designing the new syllabus. A new coloured belt progression page will help parents and students track the progress until black belt. Techniques are also written in clearer English under the Japanese, and each section of the grading is more carefully explained.

The new syllabus will be given to all our new members when they join. Old members will be able to purchase the new syllabus from their instructor.

Academy Educational Visit


On February 9th 2017, 60 students from St John’s and St Peter’s C of E Academy came to Zen-Shin Studios in Handsworth to experience Japanese culture. They were learning about Japan in school, and wanted to get a taste of the culture from the Zen-Shin team.

The students were split into three groups and were taught a different aspect of Japanese culture in each room. Soon after arriving, with their shoes and socks off, Kyoshi John Richards had them kicking and punching, and talking to them about Karate and what it means to be a karateka. The students really enjoyed learning combinations whilst belting out a loud KIAI!

In our next room the students learnt Japanese with Sensei Afiya. They practiced how to introduce themselves, count and be polite. Afiya also showed them how to write Japanese, and they students had a go at writing themselves.

The next room was more Karate with Sensei Abian. He showed them how to kick and punch, and let them practice hitting pads. They worked in pairs, which helped the children learn to cooperate.

Our last room was a showcase of some of the culinary delights of Japan. Sensei Jumoke showed them different types of chopsticks, and taught them how to hold them correctly. They tasted some traditional Japanese food like seaweed, dumplings and wasabi. It was a great opportunity for some of the children to eat something new for the first time.

Zen-Shin would like to extend our gratitude to St John’s and St Peter’s C of E Academy. The students were all respectful and well behaved, and the staff were fun and supportive. All were a credit to your school. We hope everyone had a great day and learnt something new.

Karate Party



Last week we had a Birthday Party for one of our students Mallachi. Happy 11th Birthday!!

Zen-Shin Studios hosts birthday parties. Our large matted floor provides a safe space for the children to have fun. Dragon tail, Wall of China, and our Muay Thai obstacle course a just a few games we play to keep them all active and engaged. After the activities we go into another room to feast on some birthday food and cake.

If you are interested in holding a party at Zen-Shin Studios please contact us on 07976401214